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08 February 2014 @ 06:51 pm
Enlightened Sketchfest  

The SF Sketchfest had an Enlightened panel last week. Unfortunately, I could not find any articles about it. Only this picture and a short description of the panel:

  • The reunion of the HBO series “Enlightened” took place on a rainy Superbowl Sunday at Marines’ Memorial Theatre. Moderated by Andy Richter, co-creators and stars Laura Dern (“Amy”) and Mike White (“Tyler”), actors Timm Sharp (“Dougie”), Molly Shannon (“Eileen”), Sarah Burns (“Krista”) and producer David Bernad dished about the show, how privileged they felt to be a part of it, and how a third season might have been shaped. Audience members were treated to a sincere and often tender panel discussion, punctuated by behind the scenes stories and genuine laughter from the stage. Mike White shared that his guiding principle for the show was, “How do you do the thing that’s exactly what they haven’t done?” He noted the desire “to capture an existential crisis, and it’s all in pastels.. like a Southern Californian Miss Havisham’s!” He also leant insight to Laura Dern’s character, Amy. “I believe that the world can be better than this and that’s a good quality… even if it’s crazy.” The San Francisco Sketchfest audience burst into applause.

charlotte light and dark: pic#122709696affliction on February 9th, 2014 07:04 pm (UTC)
Of course what was HBO's least promoted show also gets zero press and info on this panel :( like I just want a video clip or transcript is that too much to ask